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Unterdessen haben die Ermittler der 6. Bei schnem Wetter empfiehlt sich ein Ausflug in den Tiergarten zum Spazierengehen. Spielort: St.

Aftershock 2010 - Kaufen Sie Aftershock günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu einer vielseitigen. Die DVD Aftershock (Mediabook) jetzt für 11,99 Euro kaufen. China, ; FSK ab 16 freigegeben; Bestellnummer: ; Erscheinungstermin: Aftershock (). - | VR China | Minuten. Regie: Feng Xiaogang. Kommentieren. Teilen. Die chinesische Stadt Tangshan im Juli Ein Erdbeben.


Aftershock (). Tangshan dadizhen. Im Tangshan-Erdbeben werden die 7-​jährigen Zwillinge Fang Da und Fang Deng verschüttet. Die Mutter muss sich. Aftershock ist ein chinesischer Katastrophenfilm aus dem Jahr In dem Film geht es um das Erdbeben von Tangshan, das sich am Juli ereignete. Regie führte Feng Xiaogang. Das Budget betrug knapp 25 Millionen US-Dollar. Aftershock (). - | VR China | Minuten. Regie: Feng Xiaogang. Kommentieren. Teilen. Die chinesische Stadt Tangshan im Juli Ein Erdbeben.

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Smoover's Accuweather Widget von Smoover. Juli die Erde bebt, kommt es zu einer unfassbaren Tragödie: Der Familienvater stirbt, wie hunderttausende andere Menschen, in den Trümmern. Sie wird adoptiert und verlässt das Land. Fang Da Zifeng Zhang Many countries responded to the appeals and launched fund-raising efforts, as well as sending search and rescue teams. Asia Pacific Screen Award for Best Feature Film. Feeling heartbroken, Li decides to save her son, Fang Da. Get Ballers Besetzung sneak peek of the new version of this page. Dylan Playfair also: Haiti cholera outbreak. Aftershock 2010 poster. Several experts have questioned the validity of the death toll numbers; Anthony Penna, professor emeritus in environmental history at Northeastern Universitywarned that casualty Francisco Denis could only be a Ubuntu Auf Usb Stick Installieren guesstimate ", [] and Belgian disaster response expert Claude de Ville de Goyet noted that " round numbers are a sure sign that nobody knows. Retrieved 23 January Archived from the original on 7 April You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. The Goldbergs. Li City Of Ember. Sign up here. Aftershock is a Chinese disaster - drama film directed by Feng Xiaogang and produced by Huayi Brothers, starring Zhang Zifeng, Xu Fan, Zhang Jingchu, Chen Daoming, Lu Yi, Zhang Guoqiang and Li Chen. The film is based on a novella by Zhang Ling and depicts the aftermath of the Tangshan earthquake. Aftershock () 17min | Short, Drama Aftershock is the story of a man who loses his family in the Sichuan Earthquake. Subsequently, he finds himself as an illegal immigrant in New York City working for a cruel boss. Aftershock () / REGION Free DVD / Audio: Chinese / Subtitles: Chinese / Actors: Jingchu Zhang, Daoming Chen, Fan Xu / Director: Xiaogang Feng / minutes Product details Package Dimensions: x x inches; Ounces. Tangshan dadizhen (Aftershock) is tragically powerful as it emotionally moving. an expression of life and the difficult struggles that come with it. By the end of the film you will be given a. Aftershock (English Subtitled) () IMDb 2 h 13+ Tangshan, Two seven-year-old twins are buried under the rubble of the deadliest earthquake of the 20th century.

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Das Beben ist lange nicht so technisch perfekt inszeniert wie in Grenzöffnung Schweden Emmerich- oder Konsorten Film, dafür geht der Film
Aftershock 2010 Aftershock ist ein chinesischer Katastrophenfilm aus dem Jahr In dem Film geht es um das Erdbeben von Tangshan, das sich am Juli ereignete. Regie führte Feng Xiaogang. Das Budget betrug knapp 25 Millionen US-Dollar. Aftershock (chinesisch 唐山大地震, Pinyin Tángshān Dàdìzhèn) ist ein chinesischer Katastrophenfilm aus dem Jahr In dem Film geht es um das Erdbeben. In Tangshan, einer Stadt in der Provinz Hebei, China lebt Li Yuanni (Xu Fan) mit ihrer Familie, wie so viele Familien aus der Arbeiterklasse. Aftershock ein Film von Xiaogang Feng mit Fan Xu, Jingchu Zhang. Inhaltsangabe: Der LKW-Fahrer Da Qiang (Guoqiang Zhang) lebt mit.

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However, her daughter Fang Deng overhears her mother's choice and miraculously survives. She is rescued by a soldier and adopted by Mr.

Wang and his wife with the name Wang Deng. Thirty-two years later, after an earthquake in China, Wang Deng, now married to a Canadian lawyer and living in Vancouver with her daughter, travels to China and voluntarily joins the rescue team.

By chance she meets Fang Da and she learns the drama of Yuan Ni through all those years. The family is finally reunited at Yuan Ni's home, where bitterness is exposed and resolved.

Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In some ways, Aftershock as a big budgeted epic sort of plays out like Feng Xiaogang's Assembly, with the money shots concentrated in the first few minutes, followed by a masterful treatment of human drama against an historical backdrop of events in China.

As a fan of Feng's films thus far, he continues to show that he's equally adept in handling commercial, studio tentpole films like this one, and smaller, more intimate films like If You Are The One, dealing with equal ability a cast of plenty, or just a handful.

Aftershock cuts to the chase and puts the audience smack into Tangshan, China, just about when the big quake struck. We're introduced to a family of four, where soon enough Mother Nature's unforeseen wrath swallows up the entire city, and shattering countless of lives and families in the process.

What follows will set the stage for the entire two more hours to come, where Yuan Ni Xu Fan has to make that Sophie's Choice of which twin for the rescuers to save - son Da Feng, or daughter Fang Deng - since a beam separates the two.

Tradition, culture and custom will unfortunately make this a no-brainer when push comes to shove, coupled with the fact that the death of her husband in rescuing her, and her role as the dutiful wife to ensure the preservation of the family line, but worst, this decision is made within earshot of Fang Deng who's fighting for her life in the rubble.

Heaven's compassion means Fang Deng survives the ordeal nonetheless, but gets picked up by a PLA soldier and sent to a survivor's camp, where she gets adopted into a foster family Chen Jin and Chen Daoming in excellent form here as foster mom and dad respectively.

The narrative then tangents into two halves, one following the grown up Da Feng Li Chen , and the other Fang Deng Zhang Jingchu , in their trials and tribulations of growing up in China in the last 30 years, interspersed with shots of a growingly vibrant Tangshan and other cities of China where we see the economic development of the country.

However, Nature still is that unfortunate leveller, and for all the technological advancement, human emotions and a mother's love still continue to form the basis of a heart-wrench when dealt with an unfair card in life.

Based upon a novel, What works here are the many small subplots that get introduced, such as teenage romance, filial piety, and essentially the all important theme of family, that merges well with the inclusion of landmark events such as Chairman Mao's death, and another more recent quake that brings characters together.

What more, all the cast members gave stellar performances Save for the token Caucasian that will tug at your heartstrings, and enable the melodramatic, emotional finale to be all the more powerful as we come to learn how bitterness and hatred accumulated over the years, can dissipate with the passage of time, and the opportunity presented to seek forgiveness.

Which somehow the editing seemed to give way under the weight of emotions, and introduced some abrupt cuts away from scenes you'd think will linger for a more emotional closure.

However, art direction from costuming to sets here are superb in capturing the look and feel depicting the different eras from the 70s to the 90s, and brought to mind other similarly crafted dramas like Heaven Eternal, Earth Everlasting and Electric Shadow, both films that you should give a watch as well should you dig powerful dramas like Aftershock.

I can't attest to how great this film would have been on a larger than life IMAX screen simply because Singapore, for all our record movie attendance, we still find it not viable to have one we had one before , but one thing's for sure, the special effects employed here is on par with what Hollywood can dish out.

While Hollywood can serve exaggeration for that wow factor think where everything falls apart , Feng employs digital effects prudently to ensure that the emotional aspect doesn't get neglected.

For all the individuals affected by the Big Quake, one will actually feel for them when they get pulverized, and it's hard not to be saddened when you realize it's actually all very futile when the ground beneath you starts swallowing everything.

As one character said in the film, there's no worry if it's a small quake, and if it's a big one there'll be no escape anyway. It's this exasperation and resignation from a survivor that succinctly explains not only the physical scars, but the emotional ones as well that lingers far longer with the survivors, coming close to becoming pangs of guilt.

So don't go in expecting a special effects extravaganza like what Hollywood will do. An earthquake doesn't last for that long, but the emotional journey of family members set apart by a catastrophic event goes on for much longer.

Aftershock is that film set on the right path in choosing to focus on this aspect, and delivered a film rich in the human emotions of pain, distress and suffering.

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Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This. Director: George Billard. Writer: George Billard. Added to Watchlist. Sundance Stars in Unforgettable Early Roles.

Celebrate Black History Month. Share this Rating Title: Aftershock 6. Use the HTML below. She immediately volunteers to join the rescuers and returns to China.

Fang Da has also decided to help in the rescue efforts. While taking a break, Fang Deng overhears Fang Da talking about the Tangshan earthquake and realises he is her long-lost twin brother.

After reuniting with her brother, they decide to visit their mother. At first, Fang Deng is angry with her mother for abandoning her.

Later, after realising the remorse, emotional agony and guilt that her mother had gone through, she forgives her mother. The screen then cuts to a stone memorial in Tangshan with the names of the victims of the earthquake.

The film was produced by Huayi Brothers , which partnered with IMAX to produce three Chinese films of which Aftershock is the first. Aftershock was released in over 5, conventional and 14 IMAX theaters in late July The film was selected as the Chinese entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 83rd Academy Awards , [7] but failed to make it into the final shortlist.

Aftershock won the Best Feature Film and Best Performance by Actor for Chen Daoming at the fourth annual Asia Pacific Screen Awards.

The film won "Best Director" and "Best Actress" for Xu Fan at the 5th Huading Awards. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Release date. Running time. The Wall Street Journal. Film Business Asia. Archived from the original on 19 March Retrieved 31 May The Hollywood Reporter.

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Buy on Amazon. Add to List. Ratings: 7. Related Content Aftershock Chinese remake. Add Cast. Chen Dao Ming Wang De Qing.

Jerry Li Fang Da. Xu Fan Li Yuan Ni. Olivia Wang Xiao He [Fang Da's wife]. Lu Yi Yang Zhi [Fang Deng's boyfriend].

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