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Staunton Hill

Staunton Hill: Horrorfilm von Christofer Lombardo mit Paula Rhodes/​Charlie Bodin/David Rountree. Auf DVD und Blu-Ray. - Kaufen Sie Romero's Staunton Hill - Unrated Uncut Edition (+ DVD) günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden. Romero's Staunton Hill. Manchmal fällt der Apfel eben doch weit vom Stamm: Mit diesem (bei uns geschnittenen) Möchtegernschocker über religiöse.

Staunton Hill - Kaufen Sie Romero's Staunton Hill - Unrated Uncut Edition (+ DVD) günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden. Romero's Staunton Hill ein Film von G. Cameron Romero mit Cooper Huckabee, Kathy Lamkin. Inhaltsangabe: Eine Gruppe Herumreisender trifft zu ihrem. Making of Backwood Slasher Horrormovie STAUNTON HILL.

Staunton Hill Statistiken Video

The 10 Worst Cities In Virginia Explained

Eine Gruppe Studenten ist auf auf dem Weg nach Washington D.C., um dort gegen den Vietnam-Krieg zu demonstrieren. Die Gruppe erreicht ihr Ziel allerdings nie, da sie unterwegs auf dem Anwesen der Familie Staunton landet. Dort erfreuen sich. Komplette Handlung und Informationen zu Staunton Hill. Virginia im Herbst Ein Gruppe Studenten trampt Richtung Washington D.C., um dort gegen den. - Kaufen Sie Romero's Staunton Hill günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu einer. - Kaufen Sie Romero's Staunton Hill - Unrated Uncut Edition (+ DVD) günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden.
Staunton Hill Cameron Alysia Reiner, seines Zeichens Sohn der Horrorregielegende George A. Neu im Handel Neu in den Videotheken. Filme wie Staunton Hill. Ein Glück das ich für dieses Machwerk keinen Cent ausgeben musste trotzdem bin ich über die vergeudete Zeit alles andere als glücklich.

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Get thee to the tipline and send us your suggestions. We'd love to see what you've got. As night falls they reach a farm and spend the night in a barn.

The next morning, they meet the farm's inhabitants and the young travelers get the terrible feeling that something is wrong in Staunton Hill.

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Now for a group of Director: George Cameron Romero as Cameron Romero. Writer: David Rountree. Stars: Kathy Lamkin , Cristen Coppen , B.

Added to Watchlist. When I First Saw Myself Reflected on Screen. Seen Without Regret. Films I've Seen.

Movies For Watch. Horror Movies I Seen. Movies Watched After breakfast they try to find a mode of transportation.

Then the weak story starts. My first glimpse of how this film would turn out was while still browsing at the video store.

I saw the name Romero and thought to myself "Could that be the son of George Romero? Great big bold letters that said "Son of the legendary George Romero!

I saw this as a sign that the son, as a director, and the film could not stand on it's own without the support of the name of his father. Being pressed for time I rented it and took it home, hoping for the best.

It was just as bad as I feared it would be. I'll start of with the dialogue. It seems like the writing was done before deciding to set the film in the 's.

It is throughout the film awkward and badly written, with a couple of 's slang phrases thrown in here and there. Then, as if the bold outline of his family ties printed on the back was not enough for the audience to make a connection to George Romero, the "hippies" had to bring up 'Night of the Living Dead.

I was waiting for the commercials to interrupt, and there definitely were enough pauses in the filming to insert them. It's as if he had a thought for a scene, then another thought for a scene further down in the sequence, but couldn't really think of what could go in between to connect them.

Instead of filling in the plot holes he just faded out and faded into another scene. That not only looks terrible, it is leads to a non-cohesive storyline.

Even with all of the inconsistencies in the story, it was clear at the beginning what the end would be. After watching it, I realize where the bulk of the effort went Disgusting, useless, and at times, clearly fake.

I feel that I could recreate most of the torture and mutilation scenes with some fake body parts from a prop shop and about 30 gallons of fake blood, but who would want to recreate that?

It seems that all of the violence and blood spill has become a universal cover-up for lack of creative thought. If you know an audience is not going to be interested in your story, try to add the most over-the-top gore and hopefully they wont notice how lame your story is.

But if all else fails, drop the name of your famous father and it will be sure to get at least a bit of circulation. In Germany the cover of the DVD states: Romero's Staunton Hill.

And while it is true, that the directors name is Romero, it is not Mr. George A. Romero himself. It is his son. While not his first movie and hopefully not his creative height , this is a decent effort.

Of course with the burden of the Romero name, he almost is damned to deliver. Seriously though: I'm sure he encouraged his son to take this step into the film world.

If it the right decision Judging him after this movie wouldn't be fair. After all, not everyone can be a Romero Romero that is, and deliver a Masterpiece as his first big movie Night of the living Dead.

While the characters are bland, the storyline confusing and quite some flaws in the story department, it's still more or less your standard fare backwoods horror movie.

Nothing special, but not particularly bad either After breaking down on a less-traveled road, a group of young adults camp out at a farm in the late s.

But the property owners are a sinister lot, and their mentally challenged son has no qualms about doing some despicable things to them in exchange for some money.

This is my first encounter with director Cameron Romero, son of the legendary George Romero. I can't say it was the most impressive way he could have been introduced to me.

While it had some decent moments, and what could have been an interesting subplot, the film came off as confusing, slow at times, and somewhat derivative.

I have seen the plot about a gas station attendant who leads a group to a dangerous house more than few times. I'm sad I had to see it again.

There was some sort of story about skin grafting that went over my head And the lack of nudity, while not a deal breaker in itself, condemned this "unrated" film to be not just boring but unredeemable for salacious horror fans.

Perhaps the biggest mystery is the film's time setting. If I had not read the box, I wouldn't have made the connection that this film was in the s.

Modern clothes were evident, and despite the family watching riot footage, it could have been an old program. Why the year matters to the story is beyond me.

Sure, it eliminates the problem of ubiquitous cell phones The film's one quote on the box has George Romero saying this is "as scary as it gets".

If the only person you can get to endorse your film is your father, you may not be ready for the big leagues yet. Staunton Hill follows a group of young friends hitchhiking their way to a rally in D.

Their journey to the home of the Stauntons, a crazed redneck family who's involved in a very grisly, and blood soaked trade.

The storyline itself is your basic cookie cutter Texas Chainsaw Massacre type deal. You have it all from the racist gas station owner, the mysterious stranger who just wants to lend a helping hand, the abandoned farmhouse, and your over the top religious crazed hillbillies, one of which who happens to be retarded to some degree.

The film takes a very long time to get anywhere. The buildup seems like it will go on forever, which caused me to lose interest quite a few times along the way.

The directors attempts to show you bonds and relationships between the main characters falls short, and most of the time seemed like needless filler, only there to extend the films length.

Now the movie's only high point its beautiful special effects make up. The gore in this film is amazing, and stays true to the old school latex and buckets of blood formula that I will always love.

That's right ladies and gentlemen, no CGI gore to be found in this flick, just good old get your hands dirty make up.

But in the end, the gore isn't enough to save this movie. I have to say, going in, I had high hopes for this flick, as a very big fan of George's I was hoping to see his son breathe new life into the namesake.

Let's hope his next film is better than this ultimately weak attempt at a movie that's been way over done since the success of rob zombie's House of corpses.

OK, this movie is in no way a masterpiece, but still it is an enjoyable B-Grade Horror movie. I am a huge horror fan, and when I decide to watch a movie like this, my expectations are not to see Oscar winning performances or special effects Yes the plot is somewhat predictable, but that is part of the fun in watching these kinds of movies.

The acting is good and more importantly the characters are believable. A few surprises and plot twists keeps it interesting, and of course there are some good "gore" scenes.

Some actually so gross that you almost want to look away Even though the story is not all that innovative, it is interesting and moves along well so that you do not become bored with it.

Although it is not among the best horror movies I have seen, it was entertaining and therefor well worth watching if you are a fan of B-Grade horror movies.

As a true horror fan, coming across a movie that was made of no one less than Romero Jr. And with no surprise, Romero Jr.

Then he had to come up with a story that meets most of the elementary requirements of the genre. Unlike his father, he decides to pick the raisins out of the cookie instead of exploring a new field that made daddy George world famous.

The entire plot of the story is taken from one single classic cult movie: Texas Chainsaw Massacre! Despite high ambitions from the director, the move fails to deliver that particular suspense that is the very meaning of watching a horror in first place.

Virginia Historic Landmarks Commission. National Register of Historic Places in Virginia. Accomack Albemarle Alleghany Amelia Amherst Appomattox Arlington Augusta Bath Bedford Bland Botetourt Brunswick Buchanan Buckingham Campbell Caroline Carroll Charles City Charlotte Chesterfield Clarke Craig Culpeper Cumberland Dickenson Dinwiddie Essex Fairfax Fauquier Floyd Fluvanna Franklin Frederick Giles Gloucester Goochland Grayson Greene Greensville Halifax Hanover Henrico Henry Highland Isle Of Wight James City King and Queen King George King William Lancaster Lee Loudoun Louisa Lunenburg Madison Mathews Mecklenburg Middlesex Montgomery Nelson New Kent Northampton Northumberland Nottoway Orange Page Patrick Pittsylvania Powhatan Prince Edward Prince George Prince William Pulaski Rappahannock Richmond Roanoke Rockbridge Rockingham Russell Scott Shenandoah Smyth Southampton Spotsylvania Stafford Surry Sussex Tazewell Warren Washington Westmoreland Wise Wythe York.

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Staunton Hill is a historic plantation house located in Charlotte County, Virginia; the nearest community is Brookneal, which is in Campbell County. It was built in by Charles Bruce (father of Sen. William Cabell Bruce), and is a two-story, five bay, brick dwelling in the Gothic Revival style. Before its reduction in area by family partition and sale, the Staunton Hill Plantation in Charlotte County, about three miles from Aspen, consisted of a number of tracts acquired partly by James Bruce [of] Woodburn, Halifax County, one of the wealthiest men of his day, and partly by Charles Bruce, his son by his second wife, Elvira, the daughter of Colonel William Cabell, Jr., of Union Hill, Nelson County. Staunton Hill is an American horror film directed by G. Cameron Romero and starring Kathy Lamkin, Cristen Coppen, David Rountree, Kiko Ellsworth, Christine Carlo, Paula Rhodes, B.J. Hendricks, Charlie Bodin, Cooper Huckabee, Sherry Weston. This is the trailer to the Psychological Horror thriller "Staunton Hill" starring Kathy Lamkin, Kiko Ellsworth, David Rountree, Cooper Huckabee, Charlie Bodi. Staunton Hill (Video ) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more.
Staunton Hill
Staunton Hill Cameron Romero. Character development was lacking here in a major way. Our city working together to build our shared future. This article about Burning Series Client property in Charlotte County, Virginia on the National Register of Historic Places is a stub. I have read the comments by people talking about this film as a "1 out of 10" worse. Who was that little girl in the beginning? Overall: While "Staunton Hill" isn't Staunton Hill worst movie of its kind, it certainly Abba The Movie very few redeeming qualities. Regal Coming Soon. Let's get your review verified. Tiny Burning Series Client Gardening Home Tech Tips. I bought this one because the DVD cover states: Romero's Staunton hill. One Bs Pokemon David K Bruce's sons, a trade consultant named David S. Of course I Evgeny Lets Dance I Step Up Hd Stream just turned it off and forgot all about it, but having watched many a horror movie both good and atrocious down New Moon Stream Deutsch the years I wanted to persevere. Christofer Lombardo. It is a Chainsaw Massacre rip off, better done than Wolfsland Heimsuchung. Email address. Best Netflix Series and Pippa Galli. Disgusting, useless, and at times, clearly fake. Staunton Hill was a low budget, poorly written, poorly directed, poorly edited and overall poorly produced film. I believe that it went straight to DVD and if it was ever seen in a theater, the audience must've gone to sleep or left after the first 20 minutes. A group of hitchhikers take a nightmarish detour to a shadowy farm in the hills of Virginia, where a grisly secret will change their lives Kathy Lamkin. 1/29/ · Staunton Hill ist ein Thriller aus dem Jahr von G. Cameron Romero mit Kathy Lamkin, Cristen Coppen und David Rountree. Komplette Handlung und Informationen zu Staunton Hill/

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Omg Ich bereue grade das ich runtergescrollt hab :D.


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